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For a lot of parents, choosing the right Football School in India  for their child can be difficult especially with each different school offering something new and something different.

At The English Soccer School we believe people shouldn’t base their choice on that ‘one difference’. We believe that people should base their choice on the many differences included in the whole package.

Things to consider when choosing a Soccer School for your child.

The Coaches and Coaching Coaches of the future.

A qualified coach is not enough . ESS hand picks it’s senior English FA Qualified Coaches not only on their qualifications but their footballing and life experiences so that our coaches can also act as teachers and mentors to our players.Football qualifications alone do not necessarily make a good coach , life experiences, academic qualifications , articulation , patience and a genuine love for youth development as well as the ability to engage with children and number of years coaching at a particular level of a coaching qualification are some of the important factors to consider. Furthermore continous coach education is important . At ESS we actively encourage the development of our own coaches and those of other soccer schools, and local and international schools. We teach coach education courses twice a year in Singapore for the UK acredited HNC Level 1 and 2 in Football Youth Development. Participants , teachers from international schools such as Tanglin Trust, STJII , Standford American School , well as Singapore MOE Schools . The participants over the past 2 years are far ranging in nationality they include British French German Australian Singaporean Indonesian Indian Malaysian Swiss Iraqis Thai Brunei and Burmese. This year we had ESS parents on the course who were eager to learn out of interest !

Value For Money – Be aware of glamour and glitz.

ESS not only offer competitive termly rates, but the quality of coaching and customer service makes us exceptional value for money.
Our prices are affordable for both the local community and the expat community, who are usually charged inflated prices in our opinion. Far too many schools use glamour and glitz starting with their websites to equipment and even facilities. Football is a simple game . First and foremost a childs safety should not be compromised, astro turf grass or even hard court can be played on as long as the conditions are appropriate and conjusive to safe and rewarding playing. Football should be inclusive in all manner of ways not just in price but reaching out to the community at large .ESS has several locations around Singapore making it easier for busy parents. Equipment should be basic and not overally technical to dazzle and impress the non football parent. Facilities such as showers, internet access, cafeterias are great but in reality hardly used , but are they truly needed ? After all , the cost is passed on to you and you end up paying for them in your child’s fees.


At ESS we firmly believe in inclusive play, that there is a session for everyone. All our sessions are carefully planned in accordance with English FA guidelines and our curriculum has been developed by our Chief Technical Advisor , Keith Boanas author of “Fun Games for Children ”
We have always been strong advocates for small sided games for many a year , it is not a new philosophy and we implemented this school of thought from our inception, monotonous dribbling drills and children waiting to take their turn in long queues are unfortunately all to common nowadays along with inappropriate age sized balls . If location location location is the mantra for property then in football it is demonstrate demonstrate demonstrate . Children understand far quicker than being explained to verbally. At ESS we use size 3 , 4 and 5 dependent on age. We like to think our coaches are engaging and encourage children to think for themselves and to use their imagination especially when it comes to game play. The match or game should be the teacher – not the coach. Small sided age appropriate games 3v3 4v4 5v5 6v6 enhances this along with small class sizes and good coach to player ratios. Too many children these days get lost in the crowd! Forcing children to pass and play pretty football is wrong! Children should learn why they must pass before learning the rudiments of passing, the end result which is not necessarily to score a goal and emphases should be on self and guided discovery.


As mentioned above the focus should be on learning not winning at all costs – the game is the teacher . Players should be encouraged to think for themselves and to use their imagination and not be frightened to make mistakes. Children should be explained to why they are told to take up a certain position and not just asked to fill a position or role for the sake of obtaining a winning score line. This should also be applied in competitive matches by the coach and not just at half time but during the game itself-winning at all costs has no benefit what so ever other than stoking the ego of the coach /soccer school concerned. Spacial awareness, crowding , movement off the ball, movement in relation to the ball, decision making , confidence to take responsibility, time with the ball , unselfishness along with team work are the fundamental aspects of game play that children should be encouraged to understand and not simply pressurised into doing so. Children should be encouraged to play in different positions from goal keeper to striker not only for their own development but also to appreciate each position -don’t blame the goal keeper its the most difficult position to play in !

Please feel free to contact us personally by phone or email or even SMS should you wish to learn more about the ESS Philosophy.

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